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Successful seminar marketing and promotion

December 17th, 2009 Des Comments off

Yesterday, I had a reputable seminar speaker and presenter ask me about using seminar promoters for his events, due to my substantial experience within this sector. Here’s my response and overview by email:

In my experience, the whole seminar landscape
has far more competition these days, especially
with Internet-based promotion and marketing, etc.

Seminar providers often pay promoters anything
from 20% to 50% – especially for a front-end offer
(which may be a free seminar, or costing up to

Main factors:

1. Responsiveness of promoters’ list or database

2. How effectively prospects are followed-up

3. Overall marketing campaign – emails, webinars,
on-line videos, tele-seminars, etc

4. How well-known the speaker and seminar is

5. Price-point used. These days, even a £2,000
seminar is quite a hard-sell, depending on how
attractive and compelling the offer is.

Hope this helps.

Can you really think and grow rich?

December 13th, 2009 Des Comments off

The first time I came across Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was back in 1985. I was amazed and impressed with the depth of research undertaken by Napoleon Hill, having met and interviewed 500 of the richest people across some 20 years.

Having read and re-read chapters headed ‘Desire’, ‘Faith’, ‘Autosuggestion’, ‘Specialized Knowledge’, ‘Imagination’, ‘Decision’, ‘Persistence’, etc. I agree that all of these are important in the process of wealth creation, but the key characteristic I found amongst many millionaire entrepreneurs I’ve met over the years is this: the ability to take focused and consistent action toward a specific commercial goal.

That’s it! Clever or dumb, fast or slow, good-looking or plain ugly – this ability always separated the rich business owners from the poor ones. The do-ers from the think-ers.

Hence, if you want to achieve anything today, just take action, and then continue taking action toward your commercial objectives.

10 top-paying companies: what recession?

December 7th, 2009 Des Comments off

According to a Fortune magazine article, these are the AVERAGE annual salaries of the top 10 highest-paying firms for 2009 in the USA:

1. Bingham McCutchen                                    $256,312         for lawyers

2. Lehigh Valley Hospital                               $244,605         for physicians

3. Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe                   $240,955         for lawyers

4. Alston & Bird                                                   $203,655         for lawyers

5. Perkins Coie                                                     $190,126         for lawyers

6. Devon Energy                                                 $186,882         for engineers

7.                                               $172,303         sales

8. Arnold & Porter                                              $172,192         for lawyers

9. Adobe Systems                                               $165,947         for software developers

10. EOG Resources                                              $158,302         for engineers

Recession – what recession? And after bankers have had so much of the spotlight this year, it’s interesting to see how prominently the law profession figures in these charts.

Avatar the movie and James Cameron

December 5th, 2009 Des Comments off

I was just reading about the massive marketing campaign behind director James Cameron and his latest movie, Avatar.

After Cameron had one of the biggest movie hits of all time with Titanic, he virtually disappeared. Avatar is said to have cost $250 million, and is using almost every marketing channel known to man – movie poster campaigns, TV advertising, cinema trailers, bus advertising, movie trailers on Youtube and dozens of other video sites, deals with Apple and many other large corporations, reviews in hundreds of print media and on-line sites, including blogs, social networks, and on and on…

In short, I wasn’t planning to see the movie, but now I can’t wait for it to come out in a couple of weeks!

How to get fast business growth

December 4th, 2009 Des Comments off

There are three main ways to achieve fast business growth for your existing company or start-up business.

In brief, they are:

1. A scalable business model, enabling you to access and use multiple marketing and distribution channels for your range of products or services. For example, using multiple marketing channels include: print advertising, joint ventures with list owners or managers, postcard mailings, targeted direct mail, on-line SEO and/or PPC marketing, affiliate-based marketing, etc.

2. An acquisitive business strategy, meaning buying or acquiring related businesses and companies in your niche or related sectors. For example, Dan Pena has an excellent range of products and business seminars, focused on specific commercial areas like: Deal Making and Acquisitions, Raising Capital and exponential business growth.

3. A commercial strategy driven by giving away a product or service. Some of the biggest business successes include: Hotmail giving away millions of free email addresses; social networking sites like Facebook building up over 350 million free profiles of their members.

I’ll be showing more detail soon about how you can get faster business growth for your company.

How Moneylove by Jerry Gillies helped me

December 2nd, 2009 Des Comments off

I first remember reading the book Money-Love, authored by Jerry Gillies, way back in 1986. In essence, it shows a practical way of developing a ‘prosperity consciousness’ and moving beyond feelings of lack of money – and actually attracting and making more of it.

In fact, there are at least 12 times in my life where the steps in this book helped to make a positive impact in my work and business. One early example was when I was literally handed a first-class flight, hotel stay and 7-day tour of the Pacific Northwest of USA.

Just today, I downloaded a pdf version of The MoneyLove Manifesto – an updated, shorter version of the book. My friends Barry Dunlop and his son Michael (from are offering a free copy here:

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