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Here’s a few tips to boost your website traffic

July 5th, 2010 Des Comments off

Here are some great SEO (search engine optimisation) tips from one of the UK’s leading traffic generating agency, Wiredflow, that can help boost your rankings almost immediately:

1. Create an XML sitemap. Don’t worry if you’re not technical, just go to and you just need to press a few buttons and it is done for you for free. Then you just need to upload it to your site, which your website manager can do in 2 seconds. Make sure you then log into to Google Webmaster tools (you can set up an account very easily) and submit the location of your sitemap.

2. Assign Images on your website with Keywords. If you can take the first three images on your site and add an alt tag to them and then name each image with a different keyword that is related to that particular phrase.

3.  Header Tags. Your first line of each page should have a Header tag known as H1. You should place your most important keyword in that tag. Then place your next most important keyword further down the page in the second header tag, known as H2.

4. Highlight & Emphasise. You should put bold and italic tags on keywords that are important to you on each page. Don’t go crazy with this, just do a few.

5. Internal Links. You should have a few links from each page to other pages on your website. These links should be “anchor text” links.

Just by doing these 5 steps – you should see a big increase in your rankings.

If you’re not technical in the slightest, don’t panic. Your website developer/manager should be able to do all these changes for you.

These are just some of the steps every website should be taking in order to get maximum value from their website.

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