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The Holy Grail of Income?

November 17th, 2012 Des Comments off

Holy Grail of Income?

At times, you may have dreamed about
the Holy Grail of Income…

Here’s a quick summary:

Zero or minimal time input
6- or 7-figure annual income
Luxury lifestyle
Huge home and prestige cars
Safe, secure and growing business
Or rock-solid investments

Is this impossible? No

Highly improbable? Yes

Having met hundreds of entrepreneurs
over the years, maybe only one or two
came remotely close to the above

Along the way, I have continued
to refine my business to get somewhat
closer to the ideal business model.

As a result of this, I will be sharing
this high-lucrative opportunity with
a few selected associates over the next
few months.

Here are the highlights of this program:

A good 6-figure income
100% online and simple to manage
Part-time hours only
Excellent profit margins
Very low order volume
Proven lead generation process
Proven sales conversion steps
Ultimate low input, high output business

If you feel you may be suited to this
exceptional opportunity, just contact
me here
– and include: your full name +
phone number. Be helpful if you also
provide brief details about your
commercial skills.

Don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch,
and this is nothing to do with network
marketing – or anything else you may
have ever seen before.

Best time to buy a business?

November 2nd, 2012 Des Comments off


Many entrepreneurs view the next few years as a
perfect time to buy or acquire a new business.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a business, then
you’ll quickly find yourself swamped with plenty of

By buying existing businesses, Richard Parker has built
his company to revenues exceeding $30 million (about £19
million) – quite an achievement.

In my interview with Richard, you’ll discover:

The main reasons for buying a business

How to reduce the biggest risks involved
when you decide to buy a company

Is it possible to buy a business for nothing

Which are some of the hottest businesses to
buy right now?

What are the most common ways of financing
each transaction?

Richard Parker is the author of How To Buy A
Good Business At A Great Price

Richard has personally purchased eleven businesses
during his career and built several others from start up.
The information in his programs are based on real-life,
hands-on experiences.

You can listen to our interview here:

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More details here:

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