25 Ways To Increase Sales By Building Trust With Testimonials

February 9th, 2014

Recent developments in the commercial world have shown that corporate trust is fast dwindling. When it comes to selecting a provider, buyers of products and services are increasingly resorting to real experiences of successful customers. As a marketer, you are therefore required to capture and record success stories of your satisfied customers. It can be then used to build your credibility to a potential buyer through any or all of the following:

1. A potential buyer gets the first impression from your Website. Make maximum use of the available space on your site, to fully build up your credibility, by posting success stories of your customers.

2. Targeting prospective buyers, partners, customers and employees; you can use Newsletters that include customer success stories.

3. Use an impressive customer success story when making a point on your Blog.

4. When using Direct response marketing, include an overview or a full success story in the mailing piece.

5. An email campaign to attract the attention of prospective leads can include real life experiences of your satisfied customers.

6. Publish an Advertisement of your customer’s success story on the Internet, or in a major industry publication.

7. Introduce your satisfied customers to prospective buyers, possibly via a Webinar.

8. When presenting Live events like an industry conference, invite your successful customers to relate their experiences.

9. Provide Training to Sales representatives by instilling in them confidence through a multitude of compelling success stories of your customers.

10. Make summarized versions of 2 or 3 most impressive success stories on PowerPoint presentation slides.

11. You can get your statement across to a potential buyer through Sales letters that carry a brief story of your successful customer.

12. Live or phone-in Sales conversations with relevant examples of a success story.

13. While leaving your message on a Voice mail, ensure that a new and relevant customer story is mentioned every other time.

14. When submitting a new Business proposal, remember to also include 2 to 3 impressive stories of your customer experiences.

15. While making a Presentation for Investment capital or loan, emphasize many customer success stories.

16. Publish Case study booklets that record all success stories of all your satisfied customers.

17. Get the services of professional writers to create Press releases of some of the best success stories you have.

18. Pitch a compelling Story to the Media via email or phone.

19. Submit worthy articles of customer success stories to a website or publication that targets your buying audience.

20. When submitting an application for Industry awards, make sure that you have supplemented it with a summarized or full version of your customer testimonials.

21. Educate new employees with inspiring success stories of your customers, which consequently strengthens their confidence in your organization.

22. When applying for Grants or Funds, you can mention either verbally or in print, the good experiences of your happy customers in your company profile.

23. Make your Annual reports much more interesting with special mention of your potential and trusted customers.

24. Give relevant references to customer success stories when communicating with online communities.

25. Setup an impressive customer story as the On-hold Message on your phone so that potential buyers get a positive opinion of your products or services.

When in comes to internal and external audiences, you thus have lots of options to choose from. Make customer success stories contextual – present the right story at the right place. Buyers and employees will trust you more and increased sales, orders and revenues will follow.

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