How To Hold Successful Webinars

February 9th, 2014

You’re probably familiar with the fact that a webinar is a useful tool when it comes to generating leads and revenues for a company. Read on and discover how you can plan a series of great online events.

A webinar is not something you can dabble into. To get excellent results, you must plan and prepare adequately. The five essentials to the success of a webinar are as follows:

1. Create compelling content

You must define your objectives and your target audience first. Then, work out the topic and content. The content should be targeted to your specific audience and has to be engaging and focused. Make the audience understand that you are meeting their needs.

Targeted: Examine the concerns and interests of the audience. Apart from discussing training topics, diversify a little into related areas such as regulatory changes, new reports and other major issues affecting the industry which could impact the needs of the audience.

Engaging: Since people are busy today, your topic of discussion should be interesting and thought-provoking to capture their attention.

Focused: The content should revolve around the audience, not you or your speaker. You will gain the trust of your audience when your advice and tips are designed to be audience-focused and vendor-neutral.

2. Get a skillful speaker or presenter

The kind of speaker to choose should be based on three important criteria.

  1. Outstanding online presentation skills: A captivating speaker with a good tone of voice is necessary to keep audience attention since there is no scope for stage motion and gesturing.
  2. Credible expertise: A skillful partner, an authority in your organization or a satisfied customer could be considered. However, it is better to hire a skillful authority of good reputation.
  3. Passion for educating and sharing with the audience: the speaker should be passionate at educating the audience, rather than promoting his own services.

3. Right technology for web-conferencing

The right technology should have the specific features you need. It is also necessary to find out how customers feel about it.

The following features are recommended:

- Data collection capabilities that is compatible with your system
- Moderated chat capacity
- Should be compatible with any internet-connection speed
- Easily useable for speaker, moderator and audience
- Room for re-branding and upgrading
- Features for interaction such as instant polls and white boards
- Is it licensable and does it allow running of webinar on your own server?
- Does it allow you to use VoIP or need employment of teleconference service?
- File-sharing capacity, including music and video and webcam video

4. Best timing

When fixing a date, consider the convenience of your target audience. Their geographical location and time zones should be considered. Lunchtime in weekdays could also be considered.

5. Adequate and advance promotion

Promotion should start in good time and such that the audience will have time to plan, but not enough time to forget. Promotions and registration could be done online through e-mails, newsletters and banner ads as well as through offline channels such as tradeshows and white paper promotions.

Affiliate promoters can be employed for wider coverage. Speakers should also be encouraged to spread the word in their circles.

Work on your registration-landing page to include detailed information such as time, date and cost. If it is free, make sure you state it.

An captivating overview should be included eg, a video preview.

Finally, do not forget to send a reminder e-mail a day or two before the event to all who have registered.

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