Make More Sales Using Case Studies

February 9th, 2014

While a company’s sales and marketing department is always looking to close a deal, how does your organization tap into more market potential for your products or services? Even if your existing clients are happy with the solutions that your company has offered them, how do you use these experiences to convince new prospects?

One way is to start a customer case study program that would not only help existing satisfied clients to share their experience, but would also reach out to others who will benefit from your product or service.

But before we get into the benefits of a customer case study, we need to understand what a case study is. It is all about demonstrating the success story of an existing satisfied customer – which includes the type of customer’s business, a needs analysis of where your product or service is being used to fill up the gap, and finally a detailed account of how your product or service was deployed at the customer end and the subsequent result that was achieved. While it does highlight the features and benefits that your product or services aims to solve, an excellent case study focuses on the customer’s investment into your solutions – from the customer’s point of view.

Here are two major benefits of a good case study program:

1. A well chronicled case study wherever published or featured opens up new opportunities and removes barriers at every point of the sales cycle. Other than raising the awareness level of your company, it also helps in co-branding along with your client’s organization. Additionally, it attracts prospective customers who have similar needs, or are in the same business situation.

A good customer case study attracts the media easily as they find ready to use story material that they can publish. If positioned well in newsletters or in blogs, it helps in positioning your company in your prospective buyer’s mind. It also urges competitors of the featured company to seriously consider your products, as a way of staying ahead.

2. Most companies are a little hesitant in starting a customer case study, not knowing how their best customers would react. But the actual fact is that existing clients are more than happy to share their success stories as they realize that they also get lots of valuable free publicity. It also saves a lot of time for prospects in the referencing process, as the detailed study generally removes most of the doubts in selecting a service provider.

While some companies have a vendor support policy and agree to support your case study, there are other companies that may find it difficult, mainly due to differing  functions of multiple departments.

It may be a good idea to get your clients to sign a conditional release allowing them the permission to edit the final case study. In cases where getting a sign off becomes difficult, the sales executive from your company has to take the initiative and enlist an internal champion. Of course, case study writers also help immensely to get quick approval by writing from the already existing company records and then allowing clients to review the content.

Each organization needs to have one case study around each of the product or services that they sell. Prospective customers not only like to relate to a specific problem that has been solved, but also look forward to link up with organizations they can associate well with. Hence it is extremely important for your staff to keep generating more case studies – though it may be difficult to get all of them. 

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