Top 10 Incentive Ideas

February 9th, 2014

1. Allow the buyer or customer to finance the product purchase with minimal interest payments. This will help more people to afford your product.

2. Offer additional service or product within a given time limit. The additional product or service is one which they would pay for and normally purchased alongside the main product or service, such as a warranty, etc.

3. Offer a commitment relating to after-sale activity. An example is of this is agreeing to offer compensation should the company fail to meet a deadline or reach a milestone.

4. Offer free trials or offers that will enable prospects to use your services in small chunks. This incentive helps to ease any budget constraints. The customer can buy in pieces instead of a complete program.

5. Offer free services or at reduced price when your service staff are less busy. Instead of your servicing people being idle during slower periods, encourage the customer to buy at discounted prices.

6. When they buy for the first time, pre-stock the supply cabinet but only charge them when they use your product. In this way, your customer gets volume discount without advanced payment for inventory and makes sure you continue to get their business within a set period.

7. Quantity discounts are to be used for both products and services.

8. Offer to lock the price within a limited time. This can work very well if you are selling products that are prone to price increase. By offering to lock in the price within a given period of time if an initial purchase is made now, more buyers will be attracted.

9. Pay for an associated service or product. For example, offer to pay for gas, petrol or insurance for a year if your customer purchases a car.

10. Offer a rewards or points program with a description that is simple with few conditions like: ‘Fly 5 times and get one flight free’. Involve your resellers too, by allowing them to get points on the sales they make. This will encourage them to make more sales and bring in more profits for you.

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