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Improve your powers of persuasion

May 29th, 2012 Des Comments off

I recently talked with John Bridges and Scott Maly, both experts in the art of persuasion.

In fact, John has trained thousands of people – from sales professionals to doctors – in how to be better persuaders. And Scott is a highly-skilled coach, using NLP techniques.

Feel free to listen in on our interview, in which both John and Scott discuss the impact of their work, and their program Verbal Magic:

John Bridges and Scott Maly talk with Des Vadgama

And more details here:

How to become a better Dealmaker

May 28th, 2012 Des Comments off

I recently talked with Paul Renner, who is a specialist in Dealmaking.

Over the last 15 years or so, Paul has developed and refined a process of:

* Attracting more 5-figure and 6-figure deals

* Using a mindset that gets more deals done

* Learning key lessons from some of the biggest dealmakers, past and present

…And a lot more he’ll be discussing in this interview:


You can also download an interview transcipt here:


And further details here:

How to double your sales: talk with Bruce King

October 1st, 2010 Des Comments off

Bruce King has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing and consults to major organisations as well as many SMEs in the UK and abroad.

He speaks at conferences and delivers sales and marketing Master Classes around the world and has written several best selling business books. His latest book, published this year, is called ‘How To Double Your Sales’.

In this interview, Bruce discusses:

  • Some of the most common marketing problems in SMEs
  • 3 simple ways of getting more clients or customers
  • A unique toolkit to enhance your sales and marketing

Just listen in here:

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More here:

How to expand a niche-based business: talk with Mike Bloxam

August 25th, 2010 Des Comments off

In this talk, Mike Bloxam at Land Projects discusses how he’s expanded his unique business over the last 10 years.

Mike discusses how he’s grown his business and product range via joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Also, you’ll learn about how to further develop an information-product range which helps generate more results for end-users and clients.

Just right-click and save this:

Mike Bloxam talks with Des Vadgama

How to get fast business growth

December 4th, 2009 Des Comments off

There are three main ways to achieve fast business growth for your existing company or start-up business.

In brief, they are:

1. A scalable business model, enabling you to access and use multiple marketing and distribution channels for your range of products or services. For example, using multiple marketing channels include: print advertising, joint ventures with list owners or managers, postcard mailings, targeted direct mail, on-line SEO and/or PPC marketing, affiliate-based marketing, etc.

2. An acquisitive business strategy, meaning buying or acquiring related businesses and companies in your niche or related sectors. For example, Dan Pena has an excellent range of products and business seminars, focused on specific commercial areas like: Deal Making and Acquisitions, Raising Capital and exponential business growth.

3. A commercial strategy driven by giving away a product or service. Some of the biggest business successes include: Hotmail giving away millions of free email addresses; social networking sites like Facebook building up over 350 million free profiles of their members.

I’ll be showing more detail soon about how you can get faster business growth for your company.