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Best time to buy a business?

November 2nd, 2012 Des Comments off


Many entrepreneurs view the next few years as a
perfect time to buy or acquire a new business.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a business, then
you’ll quickly find yourself swamped with plenty of

By buying existing businesses, Richard Parker has built
his company to revenues exceeding $30 million (about £19
million) – quite an achievement.

In my interview with Richard, you’ll discover:

The main reasons for buying a business

How to reduce the biggest risks involved
when you decide to buy a company

Is it possible to buy a business for nothing

Which are some of the hottest businesses to
buy right now?

What are the most common ways of financing
each transaction?

Richard Parker is the author of How To Buy A
Good Business At A Great Price

Richard has personally purchased eleven businesses
during his career and built several others from start up.
The information in his programs are based on real-life,
hands-on experiences.

You can listen to our interview here:

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How to get more business during tough times

June 17th, 2010 Des Comments off

A client of mine, who has recently engaged my services, was generating £250,000 last year – but expects perhaps £90,000 this year. So why is that?

Four months ago he had five potential contracts lined up, but today he is only certain to close one.

How many of us can live on a third of last year’s income?

Now listening to his story, two potential problems have revealed themselves:

1. He did not target his clients effectively

2. He did not demonstrate value to the five potential clients he had

In this case, a strong practical proposal is the key to acquiring new clients and building a lasting relationship.

Hence, my client has learned one major lesson – costing him two-thirds of his annual income.

Here are just a few useful points for your business:

1. Target your potential clients/customers more effectively

2. Remember that business in the pipeline is not guaranteed business

3. Use your marketing budget wisely, focus your efforts on closure of the existing leads or enquiries

4. Do not ease up on marketing for new business in the pipeline, even though it may give you some sense of false security

5. Always use an effective and detailed proposal – and a powerful conversion process – to persuade your potential clients

I’ll show you in more detail how to effectively bring better closure to your business in the pipeline shortly.

How to get fast business growth

December 4th, 2009 Des Comments off

There are three main ways to achieve fast business growth for your existing company or start-up business.

In brief, they are:

1. A scalable business model, enabling you to access and use multiple marketing and distribution channels for your range of products or services. For example, using multiple marketing channels include: print advertising, joint ventures with list owners or managers, postcard mailings, targeted direct mail, on-line SEO and/or PPC marketing, affiliate-based marketing, etc.

2. An acquisitive business strategy, meaning buying or acquiring related businesses and companies in your niche or related sectors. For example, Dan Pena has an excellent range of products and business seminars, focused on specific commercial areas like: Deal Making and Acquisitions, Raising Capital and exponential business growth.

3. A commercial strategy driven by giving away a product or service. Some of the biggest business successes include: Hotmail giving away millions of free email addresses; social networking sites like Facebook building up over 350 million free profiles of their members.

I’ll be showing more detail soon about how you can get faster business growth for your company.