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Successful seminar marketing and promotion

December 17th, 2009 Des Comments off

Yesterday, I had a reputable seminar speaker and presenter ask me about using seminar promoters for his events, due to my substantial experience within this sector. Here’s my response and overview by email:

In my experience, the whole seminar landscape
has far more competition these days, especially
with Internet-based promotion and marketing, etc.

Seminar providers often pay promoters anything
from 20% to 50% – especially for a front-end offer
(which may be a free seminar, or costing up to

Main factors:

1. Responsiveness of promoters’ list or database

2. How effectively prospects are followed-up

3. Overall marketing campaign – emails, webinars,
on-line videos, tele-seminars, etc

4. How well-known the speaker and seminar is

5. Price-point used. These days, even a £2,000
seminar is quite a hard-sell, depending on how
attractive and compelling the offer is.

Hope this helps.