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How Moneylove by Jerry Gillies helped me

December 2nd, 2009 Des Comments off

I first remember reading the book Money-Love, authored by Jerry Gillies, way back in 1986. In essence, it shows a practical way of developing a ‘prosperity consciousness’ and moving beyond feelings of lack of money – and actually attracting and making more of it.

In fact, there are at least 12 times in my life where the steps in this book helped to make a positive impact in my work and business. One early example was when I was literally handed a first-class flight, hotel stay and 7-day tour of the Pacific Northwest of USA.

Just today, I downloaded a pdf version of The MoneyLove Manifesto – an updated, shorter version of the book. My friends Barry Dunlop and his son Michael (from are offering a free copy here:

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