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Can you really think and grow rich?

December 13th, 2009 Des Comments off

The first time I came across Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was back in 1985. I was amazed and impressed with the depth of research undertaken by Napoleon Hill, having met and interviewed 500 of the richest people across some 20 years.

Having read and re-read chapters headed ‘Desire’, ‘Faith’, ‘Autosuggestion’, ‘Specialized Knowledge’, ‘Imagination’, ‘Decision’, ‘Persistence’, etc. I agree that all of these are important in the process of wealth creation, but the key characteristic I found amongst many millionaire entrepreneurs I’ve met over the years is this: the ability to take focused and consistent action toward a specific commercial goal.

That’s it! Clever or dumb, fast or slow, good-looking or plain ugly – this ability always separated the rich business owners from the poor ones. The do-ers from the think-ers.

Hence, if you want to achieve anything today, just take action, and then continue taking action toward your commercial objectives.